Eco Commitment

Caring for the environment and emphasizing sustainability are at the core of Transco’s eco commitment. Transco was one of the first packaging companies to make the environment a priority. Over 40 years ago, ownership, in conjunction with senior management, established a set of values and manufacturing practices that better serve our clients, our company, our communities and our great collective – the environment. These fundamental principles underlie everything that we do. We believe that the only true path to sustainability lies in continuously applying the 3 Rs of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.   

Reduce – We strive to reduce our raw material usage, energy consumption and carbon footprint. We do this by engineering thinner and lighter substrates that maintain high performance levels, investing in new production technologies, focusing on manufacturing best practices, using high amounts of recycled and post consumer content in our products, and by analyzing manufacturing through an efficiency lens.

Reuse – Our core products can and should be reused many, many times. In fact, our core products exceed the standard reusable definitions.  Not only can our core products be reused a multitude of times, but we help our clients with programs that give the same material 2nd and 3rd lives.

Recycle – All of our products are designed to be recycled at the end of their life. We encourage our clients to choose products made from a single substrate to ease the recycling process and to avoid mis-sorting or discarding at recycling centers. Through Transco’s continuous research and development, we aim to utilize ever greater percentages of recycled materials and can now do so in products where before it was not possible. Our goal is to achieve usage of 100% recycled content in all our products to make the recycling loop fully sustainable. Finally, production wastage, which is already kept to a minimum, is fully reprocessed to be used internally or in other products.

Quality Assurance and Control

Quality at every step of the process

Transco applies the same exacting Quality Assurance and Control criteria across all global facilities. Because of our extensive manufacturing background and through the use of experienced 3rd party inspection agencies using AQL testing, we monitor and control our products’ entire journey, from raw materials, to production and finished goods in order to exceed customer quality expectations.  We are constantly updating our testing protocols to align our products with our clients’ application and performance expectations.  Even for the same product, different customers may require different performance characteristics, and we therefore tailor our Quality Assurance protocols.

Inspections – Every order is carefully inspected by corporate employees and licensed 3rd party inspection agencies.  The process begins with our team carefully detailing the required and practical specifications as well as usage applications that are built through Transco’s long history in packaging manufacturing. Next, through the different stages of production, specific inspections are carried out to ensure quality and performance using AQL reporting standards. Inspection reports are analyzed by the Transco team and any issues are remedied. Finally, before shipping and leaving any facility, a full report is provided. If any item or shipment is outside AQL standards, the shipment is rejected, and corrective actions are taken.

Risk and Mitigation Strategy

In order to mitigate risk in larger packaging programs, our policy is to produce at multiple manufacturing facilities. For smaller programs where production at multiple facilities is not cost efficient, our policy is to have backup manufacturing sites. In both cases, these secondary or tertiary facilities are quality qualified in their program – giving us the flexibility to move production at a moment’s notice.  In addition, Transco carries substantial business interruption insurance in case of supply chain disruptions.

All our factories comply with Transco’s policies

  • International Labor Standards (ILS)
  • Mutually developed clear and transparent inspection criteria
  • Inspection checklists and reports developed per product in conjunction with us
  • AQL inspection procedures including random sampling
  • Quality control throughout the entire production process
  • Culture of quality and continuous improvement
  • Collaborative relationship with Transco

Our Global Sourcing Strategy

Manufacturing is at the heart of who we are. It is in our DNA. Transco has therefore built a vast global sourcing network that fits our customers’ packaging needs. As an experienced industry leader, we create comprehensive packaging solutions. We are not limited by corporate structure, specific product focus or single production sourcing in addition to boasting a truly global supply chain. Our mandate is to match every customer’s packaging needs with best-in-class manufacturing facilities that offer the most efficient cost structure, high quality, and great service, while mitigating risks around duties, tariffs, capacity constraints and transportation routes.

Transco is currently present on four continents: Asia, Europe, South America, and North America. We are constantly increasing our supply chain’s reach and have strong relationships in countless countries, including China, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Mexico, Chile, USA, Canada, Turkey and Spain with more being qualified as part of continuous product development. 

Social Compliance

All our factories comply with Transco’s social compliance policies, including:

  • Adherence to Transco’s social compliance manual
  • Conformity with Transco’s code of conduct 
  • Social compliance audits (minimum annually)
  • Social compliance certification (minimum annually)
  • Respecting local labour laws
  • Annual workplace safety and labor training

Clients We've Worked With

Our Pillars of Customer Commitment


We continue to lead the way forward by leveraging our accumulated 80+ years of packaging industry and manufacturing experience. Transco constantly challenges the status quo and is at the forefront of industry trends, novel materials, state-of-the-art construction as well as truly sustainable substrates with closed-loop recycling streams.

Quality & Value

Our global supply network enables us to work with the world’s best manufacturing facilities. Combining best-in-class production with Transco’s vast experience and quality assurance controls ensures high quality standards throughout our network. We work deep within the manufacturing landscape where we consult on production details, such as machine specifications, downtimes and outputs, in order to ensure excellent quality throughout.

Superior Service

We treat every client as a valued partner. All our actions are taken knowing that Transco is an integral part of their business. We analyze trends, develop reporting, and customize our unique services to meet every customer’s needs.

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Transco’s solid reputation is based on our professionalism, innovative practices and extensive expertise built over 80 years as a packaging industry leader.

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  • 1930s

    Transparent Garment Cover Company (“Transco”) is founded by the Lashinsky family in Montreal, Canada

  • 1940s

    Family cut-sew and heat seal business supplying closet accessories and household items to major department stores

  • 1948

    Transco purchases an interest in 9500 BLDG Corp. Operations are relocated to this facility

  • 1950s/1960s

    We begin importing finished products from overseas, including Asia and Europe

  • 1970s

    Transco starts manufacturing plastic bags for internal purposes and external sales.
    We purchase our first printing press

  • 1975

    We change our name to Transco Plastic Industries to better reflect our new focus

  • 1976

    Transco purchases and implements our first film extrusion line. We are now a vertically integrated packaging manufacturer

  • 1980s/1990s

    Transco expands into the United States and opens Transco USA in Charlotte, N.C.

  • 1981

    Transco acquires and integrates Flexopack Manufacturing Co. Corporate offices move to Ville St-Laurent, Canada while production continues at both locations

  • 1983

    We are awarded a contract for all of Eaton’s packaging products (The T. Eaton Company Limited).
    Transco also expands our reach into retail packaging.

  • 2000s

    Transco expands importing efforts in retail packaging with the hiring of a new division executive. We acquire and integrate one of our distributors, Talcron Inc. Transco purchases 9500 BLDG Corp. and consolidates all operations in this location. We close Transco USA is but continue to sell to a large diversified customer base in the United States

  • 2005

    The third generation of the controlling family joins the company. While manufacturing remains Transco’s focus a strategy to grow import operations is put in place. Ownership and senior management recognize the opportunities represented by importing and how Transco can leverage its manufacturing expertise to become a leading importer.

  • 2012

    We sell our manufacturing divisions to AEP Industries Inc. and to PolyPak America. All sourcing is now international or third-party domestic

  • 2013-Today

    Transco establishes itself as a true global packaging solutions provider. We utilize an extensive international supply network spread throughout the globe across numerous sustainable product lines. We are a leader in our industry because we leverage our manufacturing history and deep product expertise. We benefit from a solid foundation that began over 75 years ago and that continues to this day. Transco is still a family-owned enterprise