All About Transco

All About Transco

Our Story

For over 80 years, Transco has maintained a solid reputation as a packaging industry leader. Our extensive expertise, innovative practices and professionalism allow us to deliver best-in-class packaging solutions to all of our customers.

We also provide suggestions on current program optimization and new packaging products. Our bespoke programs combine many different products, from paper to reusable bags, boxes, ecommerce mailers and more. We help our customers get the right products, at the right price, at the right location and at the right time.

  • 1930s

    Transparent Garment Cover Company (“Transco”) is founded by the Lash family in Montreal, Canada

  • 1940s

    Family cut-sew and heat seal business supplying closet accessories and household items to major department stores

  • 1948

    Transco expands and moves into a large industrial complex.

  • 1950s/1960s

    A division was created to begin importing finished products from overseas, including Asia and Europe

  • 1970s

    Transco starts manufacturing Flexible packaging for internal purposes and external sales.
    We purchase our first printing press

  • 1976

    Transco purchases and implements our first film extrusion line. We are now a vertically integrated packaging manufacturer

  • 1980s/1990s

    Transco expands into the United States and opens Transco USA in Charlotte, N.C.

  • 1981

    Transco acquires and integrates Flexopack Manufacturing Co.

  • 2000s

    Transco expands importing efforts in retail packaging by opening a new division. We acquire and integrate one of our distributors, Talcron Inc.

  • 2005

    The third generation of the controlling family joins the company. While manufacturing remains Transco’s focus a strategy to grow offshore manufacturing is put in place. Ownership and senior management recognize the opportunities represented by importing and how Transco can leverage its manufacturing expertise to become a leading offshore manufacturer.

  • 2012

    We sell our manufacturing divisions to AEP Industries Inc. and to PolyPak America. All sourcing is now international.

  • 2013-Today

    Transco establishes itself as a true global packaging solutions provider. We utilize an extensive international supply network spread throughout the globe across numerous sustainable product lines. We are a leader in our industry because we leverage our manufacturing history and deep product expertise. We benefit from a solid foundation that began over 80 years ago and that continues to this day. Transco is still a family-owned enterprise

Exceptional Service

At Transco, we know that our customers rely on us for their strategic packaging needs.

We ensure that every client works with a dedicated customer service representative who is committed to responsive, transparent and useful communication and ensuring a first-class customer experience. 

Efficient Warehousing & Streamlined Distribution

Transco’s network of distribution warehouses was created to offer our clients packaging programs tailored to their footprint, and our inventory management systems and information technology tools ensure continuous access to real time information.

Our efficient network is located strategically across the United States and Canada.

Premium Materials

Transco sources and the finest raw materials directly from the world’s largest suppliers. Each year, we transform thousands of tons of raw materials into hundreds of millions of diverse products.

Our R&D teams constantly test innovative materials to create pioneering high-quality and environmentally sustainable products, and our experts build each item from the bottom-up.

Quality Control

At Transco, we guarantee all our products. Our comprehensive AQL-based quality assurance and control criteria are applied consistently across all global facilities.

We monitor, inspect, and control our products’ entire journey from raw materials through all manufacturing stages, shipping, warehousing and delivery.

Integrated Global Manufacturing

Transco’s global manufacturing network spans four continents, allowing us to adopt best practises and efficient technologies in targeted areas around the world and deliver optimized packaging solutions to our customers.

Every factory we work with is held to the highest standards and frequently subjected to formal reviews.

Graphics and Pre-Press Support

Transco’s graphic design team is dedicated to ensuring all client artwork is converted into appropriate formats for printing plate creation. 

We supply pre-press layouts, 3D models, colour proofing and physical pre-production sampling.

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Transco’s solid reputation is based on our professionalism, innovative practices and extensive expertise built over 80 years as a packaging industry leader.

Contact Us

Transco’s solid reputation is based on our professionalism, innovative practices and extensive expertise built over 80 years as a packaging industry leader.

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