Eco Packaging

Eco Packaging

Environmental & Sustainable Carryout Packaging

Environmental consciousness, sustainability initiatives and regulatory frameworks are top of mind for our customers. We help our customers navigate the moving waters. We offer solutions from high recycled and post-consumer content to packaging designed for long life and multiple reuses.

Sewn Reusable Synthetic Totes and Bags

The most common format of reusable bags. Adjustable and customizable by weight, dimensions, and accessories

WPP with lamination

NWPP with and without lamination

100% Recycled PET (plastic bottles) Fabric with and without lamination

Various polyester and synthetic products in many construction formats

Electronically Sealed PP Bags

A low-cost reusable alternative bag that meets passes all legislative bag ban restrictions and promotes reusability

T-shirt style in NWPP

Die Cut style in NWPP

Loop style in NWPP with box bottom

Natural Fiber Totes and Bags

Cotton Canvas

Recycled Fabrics




High Recycled Content Bags

A variation on the traditional low-cost plastic bag but made from high recovered recycled content and post-consumer resins that offer a closed loop supply system

PE bags

Reusable PE bags – Meets bag regulations