Our Product Offering

Our Product Offering

Grocery & Food

With demanding requirements and function, grocery & food related packaging can be customized to fit store operations and corporate initiatives

Retail Shopping

Retail Carryout

Carryout packaging and bags can be customized to meet marketing’s visual billboard wishes within procurements budget realities

Pharmacy & Beauty

High visibility and high traffic locations that can take advantage of marketing and sustainability objectives

Eco Packaging

A growing packaging category that helps customers promote green and sustainability initiatives.  From high recycled and post-consumer content to packaging designed for long life and multiple reuses


Packaging to meet online retail and courier shipments from traditional courier and mail to high volume distribution centers

Specialty Function

Industrial and more specific function packaging with specific performance standards

Transco's Achievements

Closed Loop Recycling Program

At Transco we value our sustainable philosophy of reduce/reuse/recycle.  We work in partnership with our customers to develop and institute recycling systems so that our products are ultimately reprocessed and manufactured back into the same product.  A process flow can be illustrated as:

Step 1 – Capturing of clean used film or bags.  The product is baled and gathered in high volume processing distribution centers

Step 2 – The items are then grinded and reprocessed for recycling using specialized equipment directly at the DCs or transported to specialized centers

Step 3 – The recycled materials are transported to Transco’s manufacturing facilities

Step 4 – The material is measured and accurately added into the production process of the very same unique customer product

This process enables us to use very high levels of traceable post-consumer recycled content in our products and offers our customers a customized real closed loop recycling program that lowers costs and creates a sustainable product.

Reverse Process Specific Product Engineering

At the core of Transco’s long history is process manufacturing.  We do not replicate and mimic customer specifications but rather engineer products from the ground up to best fit the required applications efficiencies, quality. For example, working with a large media publication company and their 3.5 million weekly door distribution network, Transco developed a more sustainable, thinner and cost effective bag plus which resulted in increased productivity.  These achievements were realized by:

• On-site real time audit and measurements

• Detailed measured analysis of current products

• Review of customer requirements and objectives

• Engineered product formulations to meet criteria

• Product sampling with lab and on-site testing

• Approval and adaptation of new specifications

• Mass manufacturing and delivery